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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Article by Gabriella Bjersland

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The pilates class I signed up for last month to unwind was doing just the trick – That was until I got into a conversation with another women in that class about how our skin has totally got the holiday blues, and has yet not recovered! Further in the conversation she told me that I have to relax. – “Try not to frown and create that string that is furrowing your brows together ” she said, “You are getting a stress wrinkle”. Stress wrinkle? Before I was about to spit out an irrational come back line, I was soon to realise she was right. As quick as I could I tried to find the closest mirror to check out her theory, that’s when the coin dropped. My long needed pilates class suddenly turned into something I would long regret.

Well, now when I think about it I didn’t hypothetically regret it as my experience that afternoon made me realise where I am heading (and note that I haven even hit my 30’s yet). It didn’t take me long to figure out and realise that the kind of stress that drives me to make it on time to those pilates classes or that forth lemonade while checking my emails from bed closer to midnight – isn’t good for my skin. What I later on found out by my skin expert and dermal practitioner Kelly McNamara is that it might be worse that I realised – She told me, that there are very few skin conditions that stress doesn’t exacerbate. If you are already suffering from any skin condition such as: dryness, acne, rosacea, eczema, sensitivity, redness and wrinkles, stress is your worst enemy as it will only make it worse. Studies have also showed that it may even play a role in the development of skin cancer, as we are less immune to the effects of UV light. If that is not stressful enough to consider, also know that in extreme cases, stress can mess with your hormones enough to cause “Villous Hair Growth” – This is when a thinner layer of very fine hair appears on your skin/face – Nah, these things are not worth stressing about – Lets get straight to the point of prevention and the best place to begin says skin expert Kelly McNamara, is with some preventative care, starting as soon as possible.

Breakout busters: 

If your skin reacts with greasiness and breakouts the key is exfoliating and cleansing properly. This will help to unclog pores that can grow bacteria. Instead of using a gritty scrub exfoliant that can leave your skin with further redness use instead a product with lactic acid. It is important to use a cleanser and peel that will hydrate at the same time as it removes dead skin cells. “Dermaviduals Total Cleanser Cream”  is a gentle cleanser for sensitive and problematic skin.

Dryness relief: 

Dermatologists have stated that when women experience psychological stress, their skin becomes more easily dehydrated and in some extreme cases even leading to eczema. If you experience extreme dryness, flaking, peeling, redness and extreme sensitivity it is highly recommended to try products with ceramides and  hyaluronic acid. They absorb water and surround each skin cell, making the cell more able to hang on to water. Day and night, use “Dermaviduals – Hyaluronic Acid (Lipsome Concentrate)” before putting on your moisturiser.

Wrinkle repair: 

If you have noticed lines, sallow, saggy skin and other visible signs of ageing – It is only natural that you want to fight back against free radical and environmental damage with antioxidants, vitamin C, E & A and red light therapy to boost your collagen production. It is all about feeding your skin with the right nutrition to bring it back to life. It is not only by eating healthy, but applying it directly to your face is the key in this scenario. Vitamin C is released by enzymes in your skin and works best in combination with vitamin A & E as they increase the effect of one another. You can get the absolute best Lipsome Concentrate Serums and products on the market from “Dermaviduals – Dermatological Skin care”. Another lipsome concentrate that could be useful when fighting signs of ageing is their “Anti Wrinkle Serum“. It contains Spilanthol which is used to reduce the muscle concentration of the mimic facial lines. It’s relaxing influence causes a visible smoothing effect. It also contains amino acids is supporting the smoothing process by effectively retaining the skin moister. In addition to those amazing effects the combination of the native lipsosomal phosphatidylcholine with DMS®-components provides the skin with barrier substances.

Beside those 3 important steps to send you on your way to recovering your skin from ageing and stress signs, always, always, always use spf 50. There is nothing more damaging than the strong UV light that we are exposed to everyday here in Australia.

To find out more about which products to get for your stress relief program – Contact “Kelly McNamara” – Skin expert, dermal practitioner and founder of Longevity Lounge Esthetics – In Double Bay!

Those products are not available online. Only through your certified dermal practitioner!

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