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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

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Written by: Gabriella Bjersland

The great results that dermal practitioners can achieve with laser and the positive response from patients and customers from what they experience has made the laser treatments more popular than ever. The benefits of laser therapy are enormous, but the incorrect treatment or so speak, the wrong treatment by the wrong practitioner can bring a lifetime of remorse and regrets.

It is however little known that in some states of Australia, laser training is not compulsory for a skin therapist to commence treatment. It is much more common than we think that Laser Certificates are being handed out in all directions hand first, just so that skin specialists / skin therapists can call themselves “qualified”. Worse is, the machines purchased from China for no more than $1000 to $3000 makes the scary reality – That as much as anyone can get their hands on a machine and a certificate and think they can make some fast bucks.The quick safety exams some practices provide doesn’t take more than 5 minutes and very rarely gets any attention. It is just a standard procedure and as long as the patient has done it, they should be off the hook. So how does that make you feel as a patient? Wouldn’t you feel more safe and less at risk if you put the faith of your skin in someones hands, that knows a thing or two about what laser really is and what damage it could make if not managed properly? So without the government stepping in to minimize the risks and the influence of unqualified therapists, you as a client need to be better educated as to the questions you should be asking your therapist before your first laser treatment.

At Longevity Lounge Esthetics, and with Kelly McNamara being a qualified, certified and highly experienced dermal practitioner and skin specialist you can trust that she will provide safety as well as the most effective treatments with some of the best technology tailored to meet your skins needs.

Here is a list of questions that you should be asking your therapist at the time of your consultation. This will assist with the confidence you need to make out if this is the right treatments and therapist for you:

1)  What qualifications do you have?

Answers like: I have years of experience or I have a safety certificate is simply not good enough! Not even “I am a nurse” is the right answer to your question. These factors does not mean that your specialist has a good understanding of laser mechanics and the interaction this kind of strong lights has on your skin. If you can’t see their certificates hanging on the wall, ask if they can show you. Do your research prior to consultation, and take notes if they come from reputable training colleges – This is very important!

2) How long have you been practicing skin laser treatments? 

This is another great question to ask as you want to make sure that they have had the time to grow and learn properly before starting to practice this on their own patients. It is also a good thing to know if they have been practicing this for years as some practices are expecting pre payments. You want to know that your practitioner will be there long enough to complete your course of treatments. It is never really a good idea to jump around to different therapists as they don’t know the procedures of your skin. Another reason is, if they haven’t been in this business for very long you don’t want to end up being their guinea pig.

3. What machines do you use and why did you choose them? 

Your therapist should know the difference between IPL machines and laser machines. There are different expectations, outcomes and also downfalls with each of them. There are many differences so make sure you are aware of a few before the consultation and that way you can be sure that they genuinely know their deal. Ask why this machine is the best choice for your skin. One way of knowing the difference between a good machine and a not so good one is that the price of treatments can be a difference and that is affected by the quality of the machine being used. The really professional machines cost much more to run than the cheaper and less professional ones. Take notes of that and ask why there is a difference in pricing.

Tip: Don’t settle for poor results because of a cheaper price for a treatment. Make sure that the technology you are exposing your skin too is of highest quality.

4) What risks are there with my treatments? 

It might frighten you, but there are in some cases severe incidents when practicing laser, IF not managed properly. But it is important to know that everyone can react differently to treatments and there are always certain risks that comes with any medical procedure. No matter how minimal the chances are you should still know and understand the types of reactions that could occur during or even after treatment. It is important to know how to handle any reactions that may appear hours after.

5) Does your fees include all costs? 

Take note of how transparent they are when you ask for their prices. Do they refuse to give you a price over the phone, but insist on “seeing you” before they quote? That can be right in some cases as it is hard to tell over the phone for example: how many treatments you need, which treatment exactly do you need and etc. But they should absolutely have a roughly preliminary fee, sort of something in between or at least a minimum cost for each treatment you are enquiring about.

Keep in mind, sometimes the price for a treatment “really” is too good to be true. You should be aware of any additional costs including the need to purchase additional treatments or essential products to achieve your best results. Some clinics will actually charge you for a maximum number of shots for one area, then charge you a higher fee per shot after that “as needed”.

If you feel unsure of what your options are if you are not fully satisfied with your results once completed the full course of treatments, ask questions like, “What happens if I need more treatments than what is included in your package”? This always good to ask so that you don’t get any pricy surprises. They should usually be slightly cheaper as you have already been charged full price for previous treatments. Hopefully they will give you a reasonable pricing for this and ask if they can give you this in writing.

6) Will it be easy to book in treatments as I go in the future? 

That might seem like a bit of a silly question, but it is not! Because laser treatments normally requires a series of treatments. This is reason enough to choose a therapist who has the capacity and flexibility to meet your needs after your schedule. Make sure you know roughly the numbers of treatments for your first course and what hours they operate. But make sure to book well in advance, usually the very best and most professional skin specialists will be booked up weeks ahead.

Hopefully this little list of questions to consider asking your skin therapist before going ahead with skin laser treatments has been helpful. The results of skin laser treatments by a qualified and experience skin therapist with the right quality equipment can be truly and amazingly transforming. But really, do yourself a favour and do not settle for the basics. Give your skin what it deserves, or you might regret it for a long time coming.

By asking these questions, and you like the sound of your therapist and you feel like they know what they are talking about, you will get the best possible care and respect for your skin. A good therapist who is passionate about what they do and only want the best results possible will appreciate your questions!

Too book a consultation with Kelly McNamara, who is a highly experienced, certified and qualified dermal practitioner click Here! Or use this contact information:

Longevity Lounge Esthetics Shop 11, 16-18 Cross Street Double Bay NSW

P 02 93629519

M 0400477855


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